Not-Scrumptious Smoothies :)

Ok, I have been a little(ok, a lot) obsessed with smoothies the past few days, since my mom taught me how to use the blender.  I've made a smoothie the past few mornings for breakfast.  So, here are the first 3 recipes I've made, hopefully there will be many more!  Oh and these ARE good smoothie recipes, but the reason the title says not scrumptious is because at first the title was going to be scrumptious smoothies, but that word reminds me more of a muffin than a smoothie, you know?  So a better adjective for smoothies is...um, let me think...ah, yes!  LUSCIOUS!  So here are the luscious smoothie recipes. :)  
                              Strawberry Orange Smoothie
For this recipe I put in a dash of Vanilla Extract, a spoonful of Orange Juice Concentrate, Chopped Strawberries(quartered and halved according to size), and milk. 
These are the ingredients.  

All the ingredients ready to be blended.  I used approximate amounts for every thing, and our family can drink some smoothie:)  So  just whatever amounts you usually use:)

All the yummy smoothies.

Layne(aka Bear) enjoying the smoothie.

And our little sister Megan:)
Strawberry-Coconut- Apple Smoothie

For this I used chopped strawberries and apples, milk, a few spoonfuls of yogurt(plain, but I wish I'd used vanilla) and coconut extract.  Here I start being adventurous :D

Smoothies (and Megan)


Strawberry Dessert Smoothie

Ok, here's where I get naughty:)  This smoothie contains strawberries, chocolate syrup, yogurt, milk, and whipped cream:)  oh, and these strawberries were frozen, so once they were softer, I poked them with a fork and they were fine.

This smoothie looks a lot like chocolate milk, and taste awesome!
I hope these inspired you to get out your blender!
Bon Appetite! 
Anna(aka Banana)

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