Some random and fun things...

Hi everyone!
Since i haven't posted in so long, here are a few cool things that have happened since March 3rd:
We went to the North Carolina Zoo in Ashboro for Layne's 11th birthday!
This is the Grizzly Bear we saw-check out the claws!

These are some fairy dolls I made for Layne for her birthday.

And Easter!  Here's pretty little Lauren, all dressed up!

And Layne at Falls Lake.

More Easter Fun!  A beautiful cake that our grandma made!

Mommy in her Easter outfit...

And me in mine!

A lady bug I made out of Clay and painted!
And some more bunnies!
Left to Right: Peter, Ladybug, Frances, Colt, and Andrew.  

A mushroom birdhouse I made for a birdhouse contest.  Celia (A Pink Tutu) and Elly (Elly's blog of fun) are also entering.

And our room is lavender!
Hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Awesome post! I LOVE te pic of the bunnies, too cute! :)


  2. Cool post!
    the picture of the grizzly bear is AWSEOME!

    and the pic of the Ladybug is a great photo!!!

    P.S your room looks sooooooooo pretty!