Catching Up with the Pets!

Hello Everyone!  Here's some pictures of the pets, enjoy!
um, No, we don't feed our dog at the table, why do you ask?

Weeeeelll, maybe sometimes, lucky, spoiled Nash:)

This is our little bunny boy, Thumper:)  He is soooooooo sweet, and loves being around people:)

And here's sweet Oreo, who is getting used to having her hutch all to herself, without a bunch of hopping little bunnies:)

And here's our newest additions, Layne's(aka Bear) new bunny, Mocha:)  Isn't he pretty? 

This is General Tso(pronounced SO), Daddy's bata fish.  Daddy named him after a kind of asian chicken  dish :D

And this is the  hard-to-photogragh cat, Maribelle.  She sometimes sleeps on Layne's bed, but usually stays outside and chases birds(she doesn't usually catch any).  Also, she views us as loyal followers and servants:)
Hope you've enjoyed them, have a great week!
Anna(aka Banana
Layne (aka Bear)