DIY Fingerless Gloves

Hi Everyone!  
Today I'm doing a DIY fashion post: Fingerless Gloves!  Layne and I love to make and wear these, hope you'll like them too!  
What You'll need: 1 pair of scissors, one long sock(like the one pictured above, any color or design), one pen, and buttons, jewels, ribbon, or other small decor.

STEP 1: Cut the foot of the sock and the top of the sock off.  The piece left will  look kind of like the one above.

STEP 2: Draw a faint line right down the middle of the piece.

Like this :)

You now should have 2 pieces like so:)

STEP 3: Put one piece onto one of your hands, and kind of point your thumb outward, like mine. 

Then make a few ink marks to mark it.

Do the same on your other hand with the other piece. 

Then cut a small triangle around the ink mark.   It'll stretch:)

See if they fit :)

Here's Lauren Modeling hers :D  Isn't she so cute?!

And Luke with his(they look great on boys and girls alike!)

STEP 4:  Glue your decorations on any way you like
note:  you can also use fabric markers to draw a design :D

Me modeling mine :D  Please note that you can make these with ankle socks by cutting off the toe and the heel, so you get the same shape.  Kid's sizes are cheaper and will be your best bet, as they will stretch.  Woman's sizes might stretch too much.

Hope you enjoy these!
Anna (aka Banana)

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