DIY Sailboat Cupcake Picks

On Friday at our homeschool group, Luke and his friends had a boat competition, with boats they had made themselves.  Their boats were REALLY cool!  I couldn't get pictures though...forgot my camera:(    But I DID get pictures of the sailboat cupcake pics I made for the cupcake Celia, Hannah and I made!
What you'll need:  Hot Glue Gun, Pen or Pencil, Construction paper in at least 3 colors
(I suggest brown and 2 colors like orange and green), and tooth picks.  

What to do:  Trace triangles onto the construction paper about  11/2 inches tall.  (There's a close up of the shape at the end of the post), and then glue one triangle to a toothpick, like in the pic above.

Glue another triangle in a different color, like above.  There's your sail!

Cut out a shape like this one.  Glue it right under the sail, with only a TINY bit of space between.

Like this!

A Close up of the boat shape.

And of the sail shape.

And then put them on your cupcakes!  :D
Anna(aka Banana)

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