Fun at the Museum of Life and Science!

Hi everyone!
Last Wednesday, our mom, us, and our 3 younger siblings went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham with our friends the Boldizars.  It was REALLY awesome!  In my opinion, it's the best museum in the world!    Here some fun pics:)
                                         To start with, they had this really cool screen, you stand in front of it and the virtual petals fall and land in your hands...hard to describe so I put a video of Me and Celia dancing:)
Pretty Owls!  :D

And now I want a baby crocodile.  No.  Not Really.  But he IS cute!  :)

This isn't the best photo but this IS a muskrat:)

And this ground hog LOVES to sleep!  

A beautiful Owl Butterfly...I wish we had these in NC!  Well, I don't know if we do or not, but I don't see them. :)

And I'm not exactly sure what kind this is but I love it!

Beautiful Butterflies!  

Owl Butterflies enjoying some fruit.

And a butterfly collection.  

This is an owl butterfly that had just hatched out of its chrysalis.  

And another unknown butterfly who had also hatched out recently. 

This is all us kids on the "dinosaur".  Don't worry, nobody got eaten:D
Left to Right:
Luke, Celia, Lauren, Megan, Me, Elly, Layne, Audrey.

Some turtles Chillaxin' on a log :D

This was Lauren's favorite part, as she LOVES wolves!  

And here's a red Lemur...So cute!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Anna (aka Banana)

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