Fun With Friends, Trees, and Salads (yes, salads ARE fun! :)

Hi Everyone!  Layne and I, as well as our brother Luke and my Best Friend Celia, take violin and piano lessons from the same teacher, and we take them at the Seminary in Dow Town Wake Forest.  This past Tuesday(our lesson day), we took Celia and her two younger sisters, Elly and Audrey,  home with us after lessons so their parents could go out for their anniversary.
There is a REALLY cool climbing tree at the Seminary, and we climbed it while waiting for Layne to do her piano lesson.  The above pic is of Celia, Luke, Elly , and Megan in the tree.  (Celia is WAY up high)

Celia in the tree,

Luke in the tree,

And, Elly in.... The Tree!  Very nice face Elly :D

Lauren on a little Lauren-Sized branch :)

And this is Megan, higher then my mom wanted her to go.  And the wind blew her hair in her face:)

And this is a picture Elly took of ME in the tree!  :D

For dinner that night, we had taco salad.  It was super fun to see what everyone put on their salads, and they were all so pretty!  

Megan's Salad.

Audrey's Salad

Lauren eating her salad :)

Elly's Salad

Celia's Salad

Luke's Salad

Luke's Salad again!

Layne's Salad

Elly's again!  

Mine :)

And mine again

Everyone eating their salads.

And me trying to get into the picture...hee hee :D

Um, I think some people went back for seconds and that's this picture...Megan's I think, and Nash's Nose in the back :)
Hope you all are having a good Saturday!
Anna (aka Banana)

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