A Quick Note about blogs...

Hi Everyone!
    There are a few old and new blogs I want to tell you about :D    Here they are!

Our friend Elly did her own Pet Captions on her blog, Elly's Blog of Fun!  Her blog is really cool, she does post about pets,  fashion post, and cute DIYs!  I like the most recent DIYs she did,  DIY DIY Hair clip Bows,  and Button Bracelets!  Both are really cute!

    My friend Celia(Elly's older sister) has changed her blog from A Pink Tutu to EPIC!  Its a really cool blog, here are my 2 favorite post, DIY Fabric Crayon Holder and Her Bunny, Pom Pom!  She does some really cool things!  :D

        And if you like American Girl Dolls, this is a really fun blog to check out!  Liz, the author, takes really cool photos of her dolls, does giveaways, DIYs for dolls, and MORE!   :D  So, check out  American Girl Fan!  

Hope you like these blogs!

- Anna

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