Camping! (part one)

Hi guys!
This past weekend we went camping with our friends the Boldizars!  The mothers in our homeschool group went to Asheville, so we went camping at Falls Lake!  These are my pictures, and I think Layne will do a post with hers :)
This is Megan in the car, ready to go!

And Lauren too!

This is us and the Boldizar kids and Nash!
left to right: Layne, Nash, Luke, Elly, Anna, Celia, Megan, Audrey,  Lauren.

And Daddy made AWESOME hot dogs for dinner!

The whole spread...yum!

Audrey and Megan and Nash!

Everyone eating:)

Nash was a VERY happy camper.

Celia by the fire:D

Funny Story:  We had bought large marshmallows....we did not know that  they would be sticky and messy, even before you roasted them :)  So by that time we roasted them they were un eatable.  BUT!  We ate them with forks!

The tent that Luke, Celia and I shared:)   

All of us in bed.  :D

And the next day we found a salamander!
It was Awesome!
We've got a lot of fun things coming up to share with you:  a fundraiser tomorrow, clogging performance on Saturday, my birthday next Wednesday...summer busy-ness is starting up!

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  1. Looks like it was a wonderful little camping trip! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com