Cool Nature Pics

Hi Everyone!  These are some cool pictures I took a few days ago :)  Hope you enjoy!
Trees and a pretty blue sky.

White, fluffy clouds. 

Our Begonias. 

The inside of one of our pretty yellow lily. 

My dad and I planted a lot of little tiny baby lily plants two years ago-now they're big and beautiful!  :D

A cool design in some wood. 

We also have some reddish purple lilies!  
So Pretty. 

We also have Miss Huff Lantana Bushes :D  I do not know why they are called that :/  There's also a variety called Eggs and Ham.  As far as I can tell, Lantana had weird names :)

But they're very pretty.

This is my dad's Yew Plant.  It's really cool!  

A cool snapshot of a bee in a lily. 

A writing spider.  Just so you know, the sign in the background says "Please keep off the rocks".  :D
A cute little Viola I planted. 

I took some pics of the moon Friday Night :D

Hope you enjoyed these pics!  And the Giveaway ends Tuesday, so enter on or before Monday! :D


  1. Epic post! I love the pics that you put on the side of your blog! The one of the colored pencils is AMAZING! Can you send it to me?


  2. Ok,I'll send it to you! :D I usually take the flash off, but I forgot that time, and it turned out pretty good! Glad you like it! :D