Cute Pet Captions!

Hi Everyone!   We were going through our photos of our pets, and we have so many  cute ones, so we decided to make captions for them:)  Enjoy!
Maribelle:  Yes, I am giving you the cold shoulder, why do  you ask?  Do I look grumpy or something?

Cookie: must. get. out.  must. get. out.

Nash: I couldn't find my other teddy, but this one will do!

Nash:  Yes, I do consider myself king of the yard.  Was there any doubt in your mind?

Nash:  1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep...22 sheep, 23 sheep...59 sheep......100 sheep!  

Nash: Please let me in.  It's cold out here.  I really want to come in now.  This isn't funny.    Anna put down the camera and let me in NOW.

Thumper:  Given a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes, I could be a ballerina.  See, this is my first position.

Oreo:  I think I should try out for one of those animal shelter commercials.  Is this pitiful enough?

Mocha: I consider myself part butterfly.  See, I even have wings to spread.  

Nash:  I was born to be a mother.  Cupcake:  So warm...so cozy!  I should consider buying a poodle-fur blankie!

Nash:  What amuses you?  Am I missing something?

Mocha:  Mommy, your the one who always likes to stay on top of your math!

Butterball(on Luke's shoulder) :  I knew it!  I knew I could climb Mount Everest!
Sprinkle:  Thanks for the help, Luke!  

Maribelle:  Who dares to put this chair in my way?.....

Someone move it!  NOW!....

Alright, chair, get it movin'! .....

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hope you enjoyed these!  If you have any of YOUR pets, please share them with us!
Anna and Layne


  1. Cute captions! :). What kind of animal is Cookie? I have two hamsters, and my family has 4 kitties! :D

    1. Cookie was Layne's gerbil. Sadly, he died about 3 months ago :( Hamsters are cute! Do the kitties ever want some Hamster for dinner? :)
      Thanks for commenting!