Decorating for the Party!

Hi Everyone!  Today's my birthday, I am now 13 years old!  :D  And tomorrow I'm having a small party with my family and a few friends:)  Even though it's a small party, I am decorating...ALOT!  :D  I love to decorate.  So today I'm sharing a little bit of what I've been up to, enjoy!

Me decorating:)   Megan took this picture.

Streamers are fun...but hard work.  And I hate it when you forget that door frames are made to hold doors, which are meant to be opened:D  Oh well,  I think it'll turn out fine, as long as nobody slams a door,  Megan.  :)

I love streamers, as you can tell:)  

Bows made out of streamers!   

More bows.  I'll do a DIY post about these later:)

And I did more streamers in our foyer!  

Hope you enjoy these pics, I think its looking good, and don't even get me started about balloons, which aren't up yet :D  

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  1. Happy B-day! Awesome decorations!