DIY Streamer bows

Hi Everyone!
Here's the DIY for the bows made out of streamers, which I showed you earlier in Decorating for the Party.  Hope you like these!  

What you'll need:  streamers, any color, tape, and scissors.

First, cut a piece of streamer.  It really doesn't matter what size you cut it, but keep in mind that the shorter you cut it, the smaller the bow will be, and the longer, the bigger.  I suggest figuring out what length you want the top part of the bow to be, and cutting your piece of streamer twice that length.

Then, fold the ends over to meet in the middle, like in the the pic above.  Secure with tape.

Next, cut a small piece of streamer.

Fold a piece of tape thus so.

Put the tape in the middle of the front of your first bow piece(the front is the side that doesn't show the tape from before).

Lay the small piece across the tape and the streamer, like in the pic above.
Secure in the back with tape.

Cut a long piece of streamer, twice the size you want the "tails" of your bow to be.  Fold it as the picture above shows.

Tape it to the back of your first bow piece.   Tada!
Here is away to display it:

Hope you like these!
Anna (aka Banana)

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