Doll Fashions!

Hi Everyone!  Today, we thought we'd introduce you to our dolls, Felicity and Kit!  Oh, and Layne is saving up for Saige, the newest Girl of the Year, and we're expecting Saige's arrival in early JULY!  :D   Here are some fashions we dressed our dolls in :)
This is a pic of our dolls in the outfits they came in.

And in their Halloween costumes.  Felicity is a pilgrim, Kit is a cowgirl!  

These are our dolls in dresses our grandma made for them!  :D

This is Megan's doll, Abby, and Lauren's doll, Rapunzel.  They aren' t AG dolls but they are really cute!

Lauren teaching Rapunzel to ride!

And Abby on her pony!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Anna (aka Banana)
Layne (aka Bear)

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