Some AG Doll Outfits

Hi Everyone!  I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite outfit for historical characters from American Girl!  Enjoy!  Oh and please note that I don't claim to have taken these pictures, they are copied and pasted from the American Girl Website :)

Molly's new Floral Pajamas.  Now, why would they make new pajama's for her right before expiring her?  Humph.  :D

I love Caroline's outfits, but this is my favorite, her purple Holiday dress :)

And here we have Kaya's Pow Wow Dress of Today.

And Julies' super-cute patchwork outfit!!!
Love, Love, LOVE!!!  Julie's calico dress is So cute!

And Kit looks super pretty in her summer dress.

I've always liked Kit's reporting set, especially the shoes and dress.  :D

I think I'd dress Felecity in this dress for spring tea parties-so pretty!  

And the rest of those I just, well, LIKE!  :D  Not much to say ;)  
Hope you enjoyed these, post a comment and tell us which is your favorite!!!  

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  1. Cool post! Molly is expiring, I didn't know that.