Rainy, Rainy Days :)

Hi Everyone!  In NC, we had some pretty rainy weather a few days ago.  But we still had lots of fun!  Here's some photos:)
Thursday night, we went to Dairy Queen for blizzards!  This is my Mint Oreo one...YUM!!!

And it was definitely raining:)

The ice cream was perfect for the rainy weather.

Everyone in the car, Megan, Nash, Luke, Layne and Lauren:)

And Nash came along for the ride!  :D

It was very cozy, we parked in the shopping center, and there was a blanket in the car.  Mommy took this pic :)

The next day, we went to the library and target.  Here's our rain day outfits:)

Mine:  Sundress, Rain boots, Pocketbook.

And Layne looks super cute!

Layne's outfit:  Tee shirt, skirt, and Rain Boots.

Under the umbrella :D

Our Boots!

Hope you enjoyed this post, please comment if you can and keep coming back for more!
Anna (aka Banana)

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