Some Random, YAY!

Hi Readers!  We have so many fun things coming up to share with you!  My Birthday is on Wednesday, and we've recently painted our room, and are now working on decorating it!   And many more fun things will be happening this summer like a trip to Asheville and a trip to then beach, we're looking forward to sharing with you!  But for now, here are some random photos:)
This is a turtle that was crossing the road in front of our house.  He is a painted turtle, we went fishing the other day, and saw many baby painted turtles swimming in the pond, they were so cute, about as big as quarters!  :D  We named him Cherry-Pa-Ha, which means "turtle"  in Russian.  Oh and if you click HERE then you will go to a website with some good info about the painted turtle.  

He was cute...he did bite Megan, but she WAS waving a blueberry in front of his face....he  liked blueberries, he would eat them right out of our hands!  

Our hibiscus had 5 blooms that day!  There are only 3 in the pic though:)

And I've been making drawstring bags lately...there will be a DIY about that later this week, but I have to finish them first:)

And a cute picture of Nash!  
Hope you enjoyed this!

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