Some More AG Outfits :D

Hi Everyone!
Here are some MORE AG doll outfits!  These are the Just Like Me doll cloths, though :)
This is the Tropical Bloom Outfit, so pretty!  I love the caprice :) 

And this is the Sweet Spring Dress.  I do wonder why it's beige colored, but the shoes are cute!

Here's the Easy Breezy Outfit-  SO CUTE!!!  I love the tank top especially:)

This is the Cozy Sweater Outfit-  Love it!  I especially like the boots in this outfit.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  This is the Weekend Fun Outfit, and I love it!  When I first saw it, I thought, "Why are there Purple sandals?"  But it adds a nice touch.  My favorite part of this outfit is probably the shirt.

This is called the Butterfly Twist Dress, I really like the way it brings up the skirt on the side, and I love love the boots!   

Plaid Party Dress- so cute!  I really like the shoes with this one, too :)  Blue and Bows.  

This is the Petals and Posies Dress-  I LOVE IT!   The light blue is so pretty, and I love the ballet flats, too :)

Now I think this is a flower girl dress- but why is the flower girl wearing the bride's veil?  Odd.  But I love the dress and the shoes, and I think the lavender sash looks good against the white.   

Volley Ball Set for dolls- Cute!  And it even comes with a little volley ball   :)

This is the basketball outfit for dolls, love it!  My favorite sport is basketball, and we just got a goal!  Yay!

And this cute and pretty outfit is called the 2 in 1 skating outfit-  fun!  :D  

Hope you enjoyed these, tell us your favorites in the comments!

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  1. My favs out of those are: :)
    The 2-n-1 Skating Outfit
    Plaid Party Dress
    Butterfly Twist Dress
    Tropical Bloom Outfit
    Easy Breezy Outfit