A few highlights from Summer 2013!? Already?!

Hi Everyone!  Is it really almost fall?!  Summer seems like it went by WAY to fast this year!  I'm starting school on Monday, and our weather has already cooled off some!  I'm hoping it will be hot again for at least the week we're going to the beach in September- I don't want to swim in rainy weather :)   Anyway, I thought it would be cool to share a few highlights from my summer with you, enjoy!
This is one of my favorite crafts I made this summer- bottle cap necklaces!   Simply paint bottle caps and add glitter or beads or buttons or fake jewels or jilloins of other things!  :D   

Highlight #1 (these are not in order)  Our trip to Asheville, NC!  I got to see one of my best friends, Grace!  :D   

Highlight #2- My birthday!  My two best friends, myself, and my family went to Falls Lake to swim and then came  back for a sleepover- FUN!  :D 

Highlight 3- Camping!  We went camping with my friend Celia and her family, it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!  Except having to walk in the dark to the restrooms in the middle of the night- not so fun :)

And  I made a lot of smoothies earlier this summer :)
Hope you enjoyed this!  What were some of your favorite things you did this summer?
Anna (aka Banana)

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