The Beach!

Hi Everyone!  
Our family went on a trip to Topsail Island, NC, a couple of weeks ago (sorry to just be getting pics on here), so I wanted to share some of my favorite photos :)  
This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!  There were a bunch of  sea gulls flying over me, but the sun was in my eyes, so I just kind of pointed the camera at the sky and took a few shots :)  

Lauren LOVED playing in the shallow water, and chasing seagulls.

Luke :)

We went out every morning to gather shells  :)

Close-Up of the Sand

Daddy is a sand castle artist:)  We built lots of really cool sandcastles:)

Me :)

Me again :)


A shrimp boat.

Beautiful Waves.

It was pretty rough that day :)

A Seagull :)

Many Seagulls :)


The Early Morning Sun on the Water :)

Morning Sun :)

One evening we got to see baby sea turtles hatch!  I could't get a better picture cause we couldn't use flash, but it was really cool :)
Hope you enjoyed these photos!
Now its Fall!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!   We have had lots and lots of clogging practices cause we're clogging at the fair in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna (aka Banana)


  1. I like your new backround! I have a new backround too it looks similer to yours!


  2. Cool! Yea yours looked really good Elly! :)