Christmas Craft #4: DIY Scented Satchets

Hi everyone!  Here's the fourth craft:  DIY Scented Satchets!  :D  These smell really, really good:)  You can give them as a gift, put them in your drawers to make your cloths smell good, or hang them in your christmas tree to give off a pleasant aroma :)  We have a plastic tree, so I think I'll hang some in there to make it smell like a real Christmas Tree (with out the messy pine needles!).  
So, here's what you'll need:
Red Felt, Stuffing, White Yarn, a needle (big enough for yarn), a 5-inch piece of green ribbon, and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary.  Or some dried/crushed rosemary :)

STEP 1: Cut out two identical heart shapes (or any other shape you like).

Place them together, and sew with the yarn and needle, all the way to where my needle is pointing in the picture.  Stop when you get there.

Now, stuff your heart by putting your rosemary and stuffing in.

When you have it nice and plump, sew up the hole.   It will now look like a little pillow.  You can leave it like this if you like :)  But if you want to be able to hang it somewhere, go on to the next step :)

Now, take your ribbon, and fold it in half just so, and then sew it to the middle top of the heart, so it looks...

…like this! :)

TA-DA!  And now you have this awesome smelling sachet :)  Enjoy!

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