All Things Christmas :)

Hi Everyone!  
It is officially the Christmas Season!  YAY!!!   
We have been busy busy busy this past week, and it's just getting started!  Most of it's fun though!   So, here are a few Christmasy Photos I have taken :)  Enjoy!
A Christmas cookie I decorated :)

I was taking selfless with my Grandma's cats, Joey (above), and Ebert (below).  I was happier about this than they were. ;)

We went to my grandma's house to decorate her tree!  Lots of fun!

And of course, Christmas lights!  We have our trees all decorated outside :)

And we have our indoor tree decorated too! (Of course) 

Enjoy!  What are some of your favorite christmas things?
Here are some of mine…
1. Christmas Clogging Routines :)
2. Spending time with Family and Friends :)
3. Christmas Decorations! :)
4. Celebrating Jesus's Birth :)
5. Christmas Carols! :)
6. Giving Gifts! :)
7. Wrapping Gifts! :)
8. Making Gifts!
Happy Holidays!

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