Christmas Craft #1: DIY Paper Snowflake

Hey Everyone!  Happy December/Holiday Season!  :)  The first Craft I'm going to share for 12 Crafts of Christmas is pretty simple, but very pretty :)  Paper Snowflakes!!!  :)
What you'll need:  1 round plate, 1 pen/pencil,  pair of scissors, 1 piece of paper.

STEP 1: Place the plate on your piece of paper, and trace around the edge.  

Then, cut out the circle.

STEP 2: Fold the circle in half.

And then fold the half in half...

… and fold the 1/4 in half :)

STEP 3: Draw an outline like the one above

If you like, you can shade in the parts that I have… these are the parts you'll be cutting.

Then, cut them out.  Unfold and...

...TA-DA! :)

There are many different ways you can experiment with these, trying out different styles :)
Happy Snow-Flaking!!! :)


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