Christmas Craft #10: DIY Simple Glitter Box!

Hey Everyone!   Here is the 10th project! :D
What you'll need:  1 piece of paper, a pair of scissors, tape or a gluestick ( I really prefer tape), glitter glue, and a pen or pencil.

You'll also need something square, I'm using a stamp :) 

STEP 1: Using your square and pen to trace, make the above diagram on your paper.

Cut it out, thus so.

Now I have numbered them to show you, but this is optional :)
Now, fold square number 4 over square number 3.  Unfold, and then fold squares 6 and 5 over number 3 as well.

Then, fold square 1 over number 2, and leave it there.

Fold it over number 3.

Now, put squares 2 and 6 together like in the photo above, and tape or glue.  Do the same to all four sides...

And now you have a box!  STEP 3:  Decorate!  There are other ways than glitter of course, but thats what I did today :)

Ta Da!
Have fun!

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