Christmas Craft #12 : Re-Decorated Wallet!

Hi Everyone!  Sorry this last craft is a little late, my camera died and I had to wait for it to charge to upload pictures :)  So, I was at Goodwill, and I had an idea for a really fun and easy Christmas gift!  So, I bought 2 wallets, for 2 bucks each, and then I re-decorated them!  This is a really easy and super cute gift idea, and you could do the same to purses and such!  :)
These are the 2 wallets I bought.

I got this one for Layne...

…and this one for me :)

What you need to decorate them is glue, some lace or ribbon, and buttons or sequins.

TA-DA!  This is mine, I wanted to keep it simple, so I just added a bit of lace, and the button for a pop of  color :)

and another TA-DA!  :)  For this one I simply wrapped a piece of ribbon around it, and added a cute button!  :D

I hope you have enjoyed all of the crafts!

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