Christmas Craft #2: DIY Card Ornament

Hi Everyone!
The second Christmas Craft DIY I'm going to show ya'll is…
                           Card Ornaments!!!

These are a fun way to keep old cards without them taking up a lot of room, and they give a nice homemade touch to your Christmas Tree.  They would also make a great gift!  :)
Here's what you'll need:  4 Cards, 1 round rimmed glass, a pair of scissors, a glue stick,  a  piece of yarn/ribbon,  a pen/pencil (not pictured), and a hole puncher (not pictured).

STEP 1: Turn the glass upside down on the front of one of your cards, over the spot you want to be able to see on your ornament.  Use your pen/pencil to trace the rim of the glass on the card so you have a circle...

…like this!  :)

STEP 2:  Cut your circle out.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have 4 circles…

…like this :)

STEP 3: Now, fold each of them in half.

STEP 4: Once they look kind of like watermelon slices, take one piece and apply your glue stick to one side of it.  

Then stick it onto another piece so it looks like this.

Now you should have two pieces like the ones above.  Glue them together so they look...

…like this!  :)

STEP 5:  Punch hold near the center.  Then string your yarn/ribbon through.

Ta-Da!  And there you have your beautiful ornament made out of cards!  Enjoy!

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