Christmas Craft #3: DIY Bottle Cap Snowmen!

Hi Everyone!  
The third craft I'm going to show ya'll this Holiday season will be… (drum roll please…)
               DIY Bottle Cap Snowmen!!!
These are one of my personal favorites… I hope you'll enjoy them too!   :)
Sooooo sorry I didn't get a "what you'll need" photo, but here's what you'll need:
One  10-inch piece of ribbon, one 5-inch piece of ribbon, one pair of scissors, one button, three bottle caps, a black sharpie, a blue sharpie, and an orange sharpie, white craft paint, one paint brush, and a hot glue gun.
First, fold your ribbon into a loop, like the picture above.  Secure it with glue.

Next, paint the insides of your bottle caps white.  When they are completely dry, glue them to the ribbon, like in the above picture.

Snip off any extra ribbon.

On the top bottle cap, draw your face.

On the middle bottle cap, draw 3 buttons.

Then, take your 5-inch piece of ribbon (or yarn), and wrap it around the "neck" of the snowman… in between the middle and top bottle caps.  Secure it there with glue.

Add a button :)

Ta-da!  :)
These are REALLY fun, and super easy!  
Enjoy, and have a great day!
Anna :)

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