Christmas Craft #6: DIY Simple Wreath

Hi Everyone!  Here is the 6th craft… A really simple and fun wreath!  So, here's what you'll need:
A piece of cardboard ( it will be easier if its already round), green and red construction paper, a piece of pretty ribbon, scissors, a pencil, and a gluestick.

Step 1:  Cut your cardboard so it looks like the picture above :)

Step 2: Fold a piece of green cardboard in half…and again…and again…and again!  Then draw the shape of a holly leaf.

Cut it out, and you'll have 8 leaves :)  Do the same to the other pieces of  green paper… I used about 3.

Now, glue leaves along the edge of the cardboard, like so… until it looks like...

This!  (yea, Megan lost a few teeth :) 

Now, glue a second layer of leaves, more towards the inner edge.

You might have some brown cardboard showing through still.  USe scraps of paper to glue over those spots.

Now, cut out red berries to glue on :)

Add the ribbon….

TA DA!  :D
Anna (aka Banana)

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