Christmas Craft #8: DIY Floral Ornament!

Hey Everyone!  This is a really cool ornament that I made for my grandma for her birthday, and it's also craft #8!  :D  Enjoy!
What you'll need:  Felt, Scissors, String, a Button, and a Glue Gun.

STEP 1:  Cut your felt into 8 little strips, mine were about 5 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.  It really doesn't matter much though :)

STEP 2:  Fold it over like so, and secure it with glue.

It now resembles a flower petal. :)

STEP 3:  Make 8 of these :)

STEP 4:  Now, glue your petals together, to look something like above and below...

And when you're done it will look like this!  :D  

Now, glue a button in the center.  Then loop your string through one of the top loops.

TA DA!  :D  Enjoy!
Happy Holidays!
Anna (aka Banana)

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