Down in Georgia...

Hey Everyone!  
We traveled to the Atlanta area this past weekend, here are some pics :)
When we first got there on Saturday, we went to Bass Pro Shops-LOVE that place! :D

And we "tested" the four wheelers and such :)

By the way, Lauren was pointing at a giant Bear on the wall :)

Layne's not fond of selfies, as you can tell from what I call her "sarcastic smile" ;)


Lauren looking at fish.

Luke getting eaten by a shark.  He was trying to look panicked, but Layne and I think he looks like he's trying to wear a "charming smile" or something, lol :)

And if I really was being attacked by a Shark, I assure you I would not look this calm.

Lauren looks scared:)


And more fish :)

The next day, we rode in this sky ride thing all the way to the top of Stone Mountain.  It was awesome!  The photo above is of a carving in the mountain.  It's some famous people, I forget exactly who :)

Going up the mountain.

On top of the mountain!!!

And that's Atlanta way over there.

All of us :)

Wouldn't want to fall down there...

This is the ride thing.

Megan and I :)

Megan :)

Me! :D


I don't know why I did that but I did, so peace out :)


Me and my Bros :)

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