A Rainbow.

Hi Everyone! 
This is a cool picture I took of a rainbow that was over our house last year :)
You know how you can remember the order of the colors of the rainbow by remembering "ROY G BIV" ?  Well one time I did this cool thing where you rearrange the first letters of the colors and put them in the order you like them best.  For instance, if your top three favorite colors are Blue, Red, and Yellow, in that order, instead of Red, Yellow, Orange, you could have it, Blue, Red, Yellow, and so on and so forth.  I put my "Favorite Color Rainbow" at the bottom of this post.  Put your own together and post it in the comments!!! :)

B- Blue
P- Purple
Y- Yellow
G- Green
I- Indigo
R- Red
O- Orange

Have Fun! :) :) :)
-Anna <3

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