They are running.  Running from them.  Or, perhaps a better way to put it would be, running from everyone.  Everyone's against me, she thinks.  Remember that.  Nobody here can be trusted.  Just run.  From them, from everyone.  Remembering this, she branches out and widens the space between her fellow runners and herself.  Because they call themselves friends, but she hears them talking to themselves, when they think she can't hear.
   They plan to betray her.
So she just runs from them, they who are behind her, chasing madly.
Just Run.
Her dress gets caught on the bramble as she enters the woods.  She pulls frantically, and a piece of it tears off with a great ripping noise.  She starts running more to the left, for they surely heard it, and will close in towards the noise.  She is running as hard as she can.  She pulls ahead of the others who are running.  They seem threatening now, running faster and seemingly closing in on her.  She tries to run faster, panicking.  Then, two of the runners are right beside her, running with her.  She desperately tries to pull ahead, but they grab her arms, and push her to the ground.  In her long, full dress, she struggles to stand again, but by the time she's on her feet all the others are far ahead of her.  She starts running again, but now she hears the heavy breathing-the breathing of them.  She has to get away.  She has to.  She veers to the right, and slowly pulls further ahead.  But just then, she disappears from sight.  Them, the people chasing madly, can't see her.  The others can't see her.  She can't see herself either, for it's suddenly very dark.  But she feels herself falling.  
She seems to slow in her descent, and then her feet touch solid ground.  She looks around.  And doesn't believe her eyes.  She is surrounded by trees.  Not regular trees- huge trees, tall as skyscrapers.  And the leaves are silver-silver and gold, and bronze and copper and emerald and ruby and sapphire and pearl.  Theses are no ordinary trees.  She can't figure out what's happened.  She looks above her.  She can't see anything, just clear blue sky and giant trees.  No hole, tunnel, or anything else she might have fallen through.  She seems to have fallen out of the sky itself.  It's as if she disappeared into the ground of one world and appeared through the sky of a different one.  Strange.  She walks cautiously to the closes tree -one with beautiful copper leaves- and looks up into it.  She sees no birds, bugs, or anything else.  Just branches and copper leaves.  She is exhausted.  And she is sure they cannot find her here.  They only know she disappeared.  Maybe they didn't even see that.  If they did, they will look for a hole or tunnel.  Not another world.  Feeling safe, for the first time in months, she lies down on soft green moss and sleeps.
When she awakes, it is once again dark.  But not frightening, forbidding dark.  Evening dark, brightened by strange floating lights in the tree branches.  She stands up.  Then she sees her.  A creature so lovely, its almost hard to look at.  

She is reminded of a fairy queen from a fairy tale.  But this is a million times lovelier than anything she ever could have imagined.  The strange and beautiful fairy-like creature holds out a hand to her.  And she knows she is safe.  She can feel it.  She can live in peace.  And no one will search for her, no more mad chasing.  She can stay here.  Safe at last.  Safe.
Hope you enjoyed this short story!  It's the first time I've written anything like this :)
Thanks for reading! :D
-Anna <3




  2. WOW!!!!! U are a GREAT writer! U should write more!