Bucket List (part 1)

Hey Everyone!
This is (part of) my bucket list.  I'm calling it part 1 cause I know I'll think of more ;)
Kayaking.  I would love to go Kayaking.  That would be so so fun :)

I want to have lots and lots of dogs.  Especially poodles.  I want lots of poodles.  I love poodles :) <3

I want to live in a house and have a bata fish in every room.  Every single room.  Except maybe the laundry room… I don't know ;)  But yes, this is a crazy and totally random thing I would like to do :)

I want to volunteer at an animal shelter.  That would be so fun :)

I really want to go to NC State University, and I'd also like to be on their clogging team.  I love clogging ;)  

I really want to visit France :)

I also really want to visit Latvia.  It's a small country in Europe, on the border of Russia.
My family is adopting a little boy from Latvia :) <3  

I would LOVE to visit Hawaii!  Or some other tropical beach where they actually have BLUE water!  It would be so so so cool to swim in that clear, bright blue water.  I'd probably never want to go home.
 I love water and I love the color blue.  So yea ;)

I hope to visit California someday.  I was born there, but I don't remember it at all cause we moved when I was a baby.

And I think it would be really cool to go scooba diving!  Although I would want to have a  guide and be PERFECTLY SURE that there were no sharks ;)

And I want to climb a Mountain.  Not a big, cold one like Mount Everest.  Noooo no no no.  
A smaller, less dangerous mountain and please let it be spring or fall.  ;)

I really totally super really want to ride in a plane.  I did once, but I was like, less than a month old.  So I don't remember ANYTHING ;)  And I'd love to do that.

And there is this big zip line near Asheville, NC (I love love loooove Asheville!).  I so totally want to ride on that zip line.  Over the tree tops!  Oh that would be fun :)  

I really want a baby duckling.  They are just too cute! 

And I would love to have a goat.  Just one cute little goat, to get milk from.  I love goat's milk :)
And goats are so cute! 

I took piano lessons for 4 years, and I have taken violin for almost 3 years (wow!  Has it been that long?!), and I just recently started teaching myself guitar.  I'd like to become really good at those three instruments and at least start to learn how to play another.

I would really love to go on a Missions trip to somewhere like Haiti.  I think Missionary work is really cool, it would totally rock to go to new places and spread God's word :)

I'd love to have a big, beautiful garden.  Mabye not as big as the one in the pic though…

I think it would be really fun to experiment with hair colors.  Nothing permanent, just a streak of blue…
I could do a white streak in my red hair and be like Anna xD  

Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3 


  1. These are all such good ideas! I wish you luck with all your dreams. :)

    1. Aw, Thanks Madeline, you too! :) :) :)
      -Anna <3

  2. Awesome bucket list! You've inspired me to start my own bucket list! Wonderful Post!

    1. Thanks Lila! Bucket Lists are fun :)
      -Anna <3