Fashion Tag...

Hey Everyone!
So today I had an idea (I don't know if it's an idea already or if I'm the first one to think of it but I haven't seen it anywhere else;)
So, it's kind of like an Award, you kinda nominate people to do it, but it's a little different…
Here's how it works:
1. Include one of the Fashion Tag images in a new post.
2. Answer all the questions.
3. Nominate 3-5 people to do it next :)
(I put the Fashion Tag images at the bottom of this page, you can choose whichever one you like:)

So, here are the questions (and my answers) :
What is your favorite kind of hairstyle?

My favorite hair-style is a side braid.  Definitely.  I wear it ALL the time ;)

2.  What is your favorite kind of top?

My favorite kind of top to wear is definitely a fitted tee.  I don't like loose tees, but I like them if they're fitted :) 
3.  Do you prefer shorts or a skirt?
Shorts, beyond a doubt.  Much more comfortable, although I like skirts, too :)

4. Favorite style of dress?
Sundresses!  Definitely!  I love love love sundresses!!! :) 

^ooooh, I love this one!^ :)

Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits?
Hmmm… man, I ask hard questions…
I really can't say… I mean, I love summery outfits, and they tend to have prettier patterns, but I love stuff like these, too:

So I really can't say… ;)

6. Necklaces or Bracelets?
Necklaces.  I like bracelets too, but they seem to be always falling off ;)
Yup, it had to be Doctor Who ;)

7. Favorite kind of shoe?
Ohhhhh oh oh!  I love shoes!  gaaaah!  
My favorite kind of shoe is most definitely…

Converse Hight Tops!  Definitely!  I have a pair of black ones right now, I'd really like to get some blue ones next ;)  

So yea, that's all the questions!
Feel free to add pictures like I did :)

Anyone can do this, you don't have to be tagged, but to start it off I think I will tag:


If I tagged you, you don't have to do it, it's perfectly fine :)
If you do want to do it, here is another list of the questions that will be a lot easier to copy and paste ;)

1. What's your favorite Hairstyle?

2. What's your favorite style of top?

3. Do you prefer Shorts or a Skirt?

4. What's your favorite style of dress?

5.  Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits?

6. Necklaces or Bracelets?

7. Favorite Kind of shoe?

Here are the Fashion Tag images, do whichever you like best :)



  1. Ooooo, thank you for nominating me! I'll do that in my post (which I am writing right now ;) ) along with liebster award and stuff, so it will be like a little awards/tags/random post :) I'm doing your blog party in it as well! Do I have to put images in my answers? Just wondering :)


    1. You're Welcomed! No, you don't have to have pictures, it's completely optional :)
      Thanks so much for doing the Blog Party! YAY! :) :) <3
      -Anna <3

    2. Okay, thank you!
      No problem :)


  2. Cool! I like it! I agree with the side braid I like that hair style!

    1. Yea, I love that hairstyle :)
      -Anna <3

  3. Thanks for nominating me!!! This will be fun! :D

    1. Thanks for doing it, Elly! :)
      -Anna <3

  4. Oh, and for the people that I nominate do I ask them the same questions or ask new ones?