Finding Characters...

Hey Everyone!
When I'm trying to write a story, I need a picture in my head of what I'm writing about, cause I'm very visual.  I can't write about a person who is just a name, not a face.
So I will go to the store with my mom, and look at people and think, "He's a villain, she's a heroine, she's a princess, he's a shipwrecked king…"  It's really fun and helpful :)
And another way I get a "visual" of a character is by looking at random pictures of random people.
For instance…

This girl is a Princess.  But she's in hiding.  She doesn't live in a big beautiful palace with maids and servants to serve her.  She lives in fear, hidden away from those who want to harm her.

This girl is not an actual girl.  She just so happens to be a mermaid.  Disguised by some sort of magic.  

This girl is strong and independent.  She doesn't let fear or her past control her life.  She goes where she wants the way she wants too.  She's always trying to do some good.  
(this is actually Glimmer from one of the Hunger Games movies.  I just had to write this ;)

She is timid, a little shy.  But she overcomes her bashfulness.  And She takes photos.  She takes many photos.  Always on the look out for that one photo.  Always.

She never knows when she'll find a friend along the road she is traveling on.  But she trudges on, day after weary day, never stopping, knowing she has to go on.  She has a mission.  A mission that's changing her whole life.

She knows nothing is certain, and that she never will know what to expect.  But still, every little thing surprises her.  And in her position, she needs to learn to detect the signs, and be able to expect the unexpected. 

She goes through life rejoicing in the unexpected, and loving every moment.  She's always ready for anything, anything at all.
And actually that's Jennifer Lawrence, I just love that photo ;)

So yea, hope you enjoyed these random things ;)
Thanks for reading!
Ann <3 


  1. That last picture of Jennifer Lawrence almost looked like Taylor Swift, haha! I adored all of this, now all I need to do is get off my lazy bottom and write! :)

    1. Thanks! And yea, I really thought it was Taylor Swift at first ;)