Getting Older...

Hey Everyone!
I was thinking today.  *horrified gasps from people who know me really well*
Don't worry, I wasn't thinking of any horrifying big giant crazy ideas…this time. ;)
It's weird how things change as you get older.  You know, your opinions and such.
I remember when I was five, my friend Grace and I would always get into silly arguments because she was a year older, and she wanted to boss me around and I didn't want her to ;)
Last time I saw her I said something along the lines of, "Gosh, I'm glad you're a year older than me, that way you can figure everything out and tell me how to deal with it".  Lol ;)
And my little sisters are ALWAYS arguing over things like who gets to have the blue plate.
And I just do not care what color plate I have.
But I know that  your day revolves around stuff like that when you're little, my sister and I would argue over who got to have pink as their favorite color when we were that age.
Now Pink is neither of us's favorite color ;)
It's just interesting things to think about :)

^ My little sis and my dog, Samson :) ^

^ My little sisters riding in the wagon.  I love how Lauren's ears on her puppy dog hat are going crazy ;) ^

Lauren :)

^Megan and Luke :)  This was when we went on a Nature Hike last Winter :)^

Thanks for viewing!  :) :) :)
-Anna <3

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Thanks!  <3 


  1. Awww those are such cute pictures! I love them! I hate getting older. It's sad for me how fast time flies by. Lovely post! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks! :) I know, getting older is kinda scary.
      -Anna <3 :)