One Dress, 3 Ways

Hey Everyone!
I got this really cute dress from Target for my Easter dress.
Layne helped me to do a photo shoot of me wearing it 3 different ways :)  Enjoy! :)
Style #1 :  Dress, Big flowy scarf, ballet flats.

Style # 2 : Dress, sandals, sweater :) 

My little sis Megan, photo - bombing ;)  lol 

I got these pretty sandals from Target, too :)

Style # 3:  Dress, pull-over sweater,  scarf used as a headband, converse high-tops :)

Thanks for viewing!!! :) <3
Which style was your favorite? :)  My personal favorite was #3 ;)
-Anna <3 :)  


  1. Love it! All of them are super cute but I agree I like the third one best! :D

  2. I like the third one. It seems to show your personality. Oh and by the way your hair is gorgeous! I've always wanted red hair, but God gave honey brownish hair instead. I'm really not sure what color my hair is. lol