Pictures, wonderful Pictures :)

^I just like this picture and verse ;) ^

 Hey Everyone!  
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past couple of months :)
My cute little sisters :)
Annoying, yes.  Sometimes.  But also very cute and sweet ;)

My notebooks, pencil, and a random decorative bird's net ;)

My brother's model ship.

My cat, Maribelle. 
My dog, Samson :) <3 
I love roses.  Absolutely love them, Darling. (sorry, I felt like a "darling" belonged there ;).
Anyway, our new yard has tons of beautiful roses, including pretty red ones like this ^  :) 

My little sis, Lauren.

My violin :) <3 

My converse ;)  I love converse :) 

This really cool set of keys we found a long time ago at an antique store :)

A Dandelion :)  (shortly after taking this picture I destroyed the dandelion by making a wish and blowing on it.  Well, destroy is a strong word.  Okay, I blew on the dandelion and made a wish ;)  There :) .

A cute little decorative bird's nest :)

A chicken named Joey :) 
Thanks for viewing, make sure to tell me which was your favorite!  :)  
-Anna <3 :) 

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  1. Lovely photos! I love the one of the bird next and the cute chicken!!! :)