Story Within The Picture #2

Celia from Crazy Crazy Crazy has posted the next Story Within the Picture photo :)

Here is the photo and my "Story Within the Picture"  :)



He sits on his bed.  He's writing furiously.

He rips the page out of his notebook, crumples it and throws it aside.  

He just can't seem to get it right.

He has written what seems like thousands of lines of song lyrics.

But none of them seem right.  He just can't figure it out.  

He tries again, writing quickly.  He picks up his guitar and strums a few bars.

No.  No, it's all wrong, he thinks.

Once again he crumples his work and tosses it aside.
He stands up, stretching, and walks over to the window.
He looks out over the street, at the trees and the houses and the birds.
And then he suddenly has it.
THE inspiration, THE song.  
He runs to the bed and starts up scribbling again.
It's perfect and he knows it.
He plays it and sings it, he reads it over and over again.
And he has it.  It's perfect.  Just what he's been trying to come up with forever.
It's finally on paper, and in his head, and in his heart.
And he knows she'll love it.
And so he takes his guitar, and goes to tell her.
Thanks for reading!  Hope everyone enjoyed it!  :) 
-Anna <3 



  1. This is simply beautiful! i'm tearing up! ;) I wrote my story too for the challenge. <3


    Oh and by the way, I just started another blog if you want to check it out. :)


    1. Love your new blog, Eve! So cool! :D
      Thanks! And I absolutely love your story for the challenge! :) :) :)
      -Anna <3

  2. This is really good, Anna! Love it!!