Story Within the Picture Challenge

Hey Everyone!
Celia from Crazy Crazy Crazy has started this awesome thing on her blog, where she posts a picture, and you write a short story about what you think is going on in the picture.  This is the picture for this one, get more info on her blog :)  Here'a my story! :)
I sit by the fire.  It's chilly, and a light is falling, but I don't mind.  The ocean's tides are going in and out, in and out.  Fish jump far out on the water, and seagulls fly over them, looking for a meal.  I sit there thinking.  Thinking of what the beach was like in the summer.  There were people, lots of people.
Little kids played in the shallow water, some swimmers went way out and rode the swells.  
But now it is November, and I am the only one in sight, except for the fish and seagulls.  Just me, the fish, the seagulls, and rocks.  Lots of rocks.  Big ones, small ones, in-the-middle ones, square ones, round ones, triangular ones.  All different, and yet all with one similarity: They are Rocks.  
The fire is starting to die.  I stand up, take the small hatchet I brought, and go to chop some more branches off of a dead tree.  It fell down last summer.  Before that it had lived for-what, a hundred, fifty years?  It had seen more than I'll ever see.  World War II, The Great Depression, maybe even the Civil War, maybe even further than that.  Maybe it was here when the Pilgrims landed.  Who knows.
I go back to the fire with the wood.  I add the logs, one by one, and then listen to the sound of the fire.  It makes a crackling noise, and every now and then a loud, sharp, snap.  And all the while this other sound that I can't put my finger on-just a fire sound.  And the flames keep trying to burn the air, reaching higher and higher until they realize they can't go any further, and then they try to burn the rocks around them.  The round, square, and triangular rocks.  But they can't, so they just keep burning the wood.  There is the fire.  There is the dead tree.  There are the rocks.  There are the fish and there are the seagulls.  There is the ocean, the rain, and the wind.
And there is me.
Hope you all enjoyed it!  Thanks for reading! :)
-Anna <3