The Farm

Hey Everyone!
Recently, our family moved to a farm (yay!) and I haven't really shared any photos from it, so here are a few of the chickens, dogs, and other things :)

The baby chickies :)  They're so cute!  ;)

This is a cool picture of one of our barns :)

These are our laying hens, they're going to lay eggs sometime in July :)

This is my favorite, her name is Little One cause she's a little smaller than the rest of them, she was kinda the runt and we had to nurse back to health a little :)

This is Lily :) 

And these are the big birds that we have out on pasture :) 

My little sister and our dog, Samson :)

Samson guards the chickens from raccoons and possums and such.  But right now he plays around a lot too cause he's just a puppy ;)

More babies :)

This is Katie.  She kinda came with the farm as a guardian dog, but she was really old and got sick, and sadly she passed away :(

Nash (the poodle) and Samson :)

My sisters playing on the tire swing :)

The hay barn :)

Another building...

The house (kinda behind the tree), and the picnic tables with Nash and I sitting on them :)

A big Pecan tree :)

Me climbing out of my bedroom window xD 

So there it is!
Hope you all enjoyed the photos! :)
Anna <3 


  1. Nash is adorable! Oh, those chicks are soooo cute! I've always wanted a chick... *sigh* ;) You live on a farm! That is amazing. We live in the country/town. Well our front yard is sorta the main area of our small town. Then the backyard is like a giant field and such. :) lovely post!

    1. Yes, we love our Nashy-Boy :) He's a big spoiled baby xD
      That sounds like a cool place to live, we lived in the country before we moved to the farm, but we were in a neighborhood so it didn't really feel like it ;)

  2. Your farm looks so cool! This makes me want to live on a farm more than ever. And the baby chickens are so cute! Ahh!

    1. Yes, I love the chicks! And living on the farm is fun (and a lot of work) ;) lol