The Ring (Entry for a Writing Contest)

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Ok, so Bekah from Found and Cherished is having a writing contest!  YAY!  :)
So, without further ado or eating of eclairs, here is my entry:  (hope you like it)
                                                                       The Ring
I walk through the woods, enjoying a peaceful afternoon with nature.  Birds sing, and leaves shake in the wind.  The air is cool and refreshing, the sun is shining brightly.
Suddenly, I come to a clearing, and then, I see it:  And old abandoned cabin, hundreds of years old by the look of it.  I stop and stare.  I've walked this way many times, but never noticed it before.  I walk up to the door, and, a little cautiously, push open the door.  I blink, adjusting my eyes to the dim light, and step inside.
Dust covers everything.  There's an old wood stove, a broken table, and the remains of a chair.  Broken glass covers the floor.  Over in one corner, I see what used to be a faded patchwork quilt.  I look again at the table, and see and old and slightly rusty tin can.  I brush the dust off, and pry the top open.
The first thing I see inside is a stack of old letters, tied with a faded blue ribbon.  I take one out, and open it.  It's pages are yellowed with age.  The writing is written in black ink, and very loopy cursive.
I start to read it, slowly:
                                                                                                                    May 11th, 1892
My Dear Sarah,
I hope this finds you, James, and the children well.  Mary is so tall in the last picture you sent, and Richard as handsome as his father.  I expect your new little one, whether it be a Carrie or an Elijah, will be with you by now.  
I must tell you of sad new-

After that point, nothing else is readable.  Mice or something has chewed at the paper.
Under the letters, I find two old, faded photographs.  The first is of a family, and looks as though it was taken in front of this very cabin.  The mother and father stand in front of the door.  The mother is holding a tiny baby.  A boy and a girl, both of whom look to be between the ages of nine and twelve, kneel on the ground in front of them.  They are all dressed in old-fashioned clothing, and I'm guessing, by the bonnet the baby is wearing, that it is a Carrie, and not an Elijah.
The next photo is of the girl kneeling in the other picture.  She's older in this one, her hair is fair-colored, and wound into a bun.  She's sitting straight in a chair, holding a small bunch of flowers, and on her right hand ring finger is a small ring.
I put the letters and photos back into the box.  I look around again.  In the opposite corner, I see something glint in the dim rays of sunshine.  I walk over and pick up a small ruby ring.  It still shines, though it has an antique look about it.  It's the ring the girl in the picture is wearing.  They very same one.  The ring that belonged to the girl named Mary.
Why did she leave her ring?  Why did her family leave their house?  I may never know.  But I will keep the ring and the box, safe in my closet forever.
And maybe, just maybe,
Someday I'll know the answers.
So, I hope you all liked it!
Thanks for reading!  You can find out more about Bekah's contest HERE :)
Oh, and a really yummy snack for blogging or writing or whatever is peanut butter mixed with honey, and then add in chocolate chips and eat it with a spoon.  Yum.  ;)
Thanks for viewing!  :)
-Anna <3

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