Changing the photo challenge.

Hey Everyone!
Okay, so I realize I am so, totally, really really late in posting the winner of the 2nd category.
I was at Theatre Camp from 9am-4pm everyday last week, and then when I got home I was practicing songs and dances and lines, and chilling ;)
Theatre Camp was AMAZING!  It was epic-ly awesomely amazingly wonderfully brilliantly outstanding, it was so much fun and I met so many great new people, and the instructors were all so nice :)  Plus I got to do it with my BFFFF, Celia, who got the part of Nala!!! (one of the main parts!) You go girl!!!  :D  And we only had two boys in the cast, so a lot of girls played boy parts, and I was Nala's dad, so it was kinda funny, especially at one part when Nala got into trouble xD lol ;)
 I am sooooo sad that it's over! D: :(
But I am so totally going to try to do it again next year, and hopefully I'll get to audition for another play this year and see some of the people again :)  I'll post pics soon, maybe even a video ;)
So yes, that is why I have not done it yet.
I wish I could say that  I am going to catch up on everything this following week…but I can't.
Because I have another big week.
My siblings are all going to our church's Runner's Camp, and I get to be a volunteer! (with Celia and Hannah! :) )  So I'll be getting up at 6:15 all week except for Friday, and I won't get home till probably 2 or 3, and this camp is going to be outside, and, you know, it's a Runner's camp.
I must admit, even though I have been a part of Runner's Camp every year since I was 8 and I love it, that I love Theatre Camp maybe just a little bit more… I mean, running isn't really my thing; I enjoyed doing it some for a week when I was a camper, and I still like to run sometimes, but I absolutely
Dancing and Acting and Singing and painting the set and doing costumes, and so, for me anyway, it's really kinda easy to choose between a camp where you run around outside in 96 degree weather and a camp where I do my absolute favorite things in the whole world inside with air conditioning. ;)
Yeeeaa, not sure why I wrote a whole paragraph about why I like Theatre Camp better than Runner's Camp… feel free to skip it if you want ;)
SO I am going to be changing the challenge because I am busy busy busy.
I MISS THEATRE CAMP!!!!!! :'(  Sorry… I might be doing that a lot… ;)
Anyways, yes, changing the challenge.
You can now just post all your photos for all the categories in one post, and leave a link to it on the Photo Challenge Page, and I will announce all the category winners as well as the grand prize winner on August 1st.
Simple, right?  (at least I hope so).  Sorry for changing it.
So this way anyone who hasn't signed up but would like to can do it too :)
Well I'd better go now before I drag you into another "oh my gosh I love and miss Theatre Camp sooo much I'm gonna die" deal. ;)
Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3

^ We did The Lion King at Theatre Camp :) I miss it soooo much!  gah. ^


  1. Lucky your theater camp did the Lion King! :D And it's so relatable about missing theater camp; I bawled my head off when I knew I wouldn't be seeing everyone from theater for MONTHS. Plus, I suffered from post-musical syndrome (you basically throw lyrics from your musical into your everyday vocabulary/life because you can't accept the fact that it's over). Anyways, that's pretty cool about the Photo Challenge! I'll be sure to get my category pictures up ASAP!!! :)

    xoxo Morning

  2. Yay now I can participate as well! <33 I love theatre! I join the school play every year, but I've never been to a special camp for it! Sounds fun! :)


  3. Got it! I don't mind in fact it might be ALOT easier!!!!;) glad you had fun!

  4. Okay! I like the new way for it cause I am really late on posting my second pic and this way you have more time!;) GREAT job on the play! you were great!!!! :D



  5. Guess who just nominated you for the Sunshine Award!



  6. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!:D

  7. Here are my pics for the photo challenge!!! :D