Chapter 2: Are you sure?

Here's my chapter 2 for C.C.CW.C :)
 CHAPTER 2: Are you sure?
"Um, Brian, so are you sure that you know where this tent is?  And are you sure it's free?"
He sighs.  "Hilary, for the fifty millionth time, yes.  I am sure.  It's not much further."
I look around me nervously.  It's not a very nice part of town, the houses are all tiny and dirty with peeling paint.  I don't like it.  
"Brian, Mom wouldn't want us to be here."  
"Mom wouldn't' want us to be dong this quest either, and we're doing it."
"But are you sure-"
"Yes."  He says in an exasperated voice.
As we walk on, I think of the dream-well, nightmare, really- that I've been having since the problem started.  Every night it's the same.  I'm five years old again, sitting at a table, coloring.  My parents are cooking dinner.  And then, every dream it's the same, I pick up the purple crayon.  And then everything explodes.  The roof disappears.  It starts raining.  My mom flies away on white wings.  My dad disappears.  And then, then, I start seeing myself disappear.  And then I wake up.  
Every night the same dream.  Every night I wake up sweaty and panicked.
Suddenly I bump into a strange girl.  She gives me an angry look and hurries away.
Brian rolls his eyes.
"Hilary.  We're here.  And please, stop staring into space, it makes you look loony.  Just sayin'."
I stare at the small ramshackle house.  Wow.  Yea, I'm sure there will be a tent here.

Thanks for reading! :D 
-Anna <3 


  1. Pretty good! But when it says Mom wouldn't want us to be doing this, it says "dong this" xP

    1. Oh yes, whoops xD I will go and fix that… ;)

  2. just found your blog and this is really good! like, seriously! i'm surrently reading a novel on how to write a book with the proper prose, and dude you have literally nailed it. me? jealous? .....yes.

    -amy, favourite new reader

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That means so so much, you have no idea :) <3
      Thanks so much for reading and for the lovely comment! :D
      -Anna <3