Chapter 3: The House

                                                        Chapter 3: The House.
Brian walks confidently up to the front door of the house, and knocks.  I stay where I am, nervously twirling my hair.  It doesn't take long for the door to open.  A girl with sparkling hazel eyes and long blond hair looks out.  She sees Brian and smiles.  
"Hey, Brian.  Haven't seen you in a while."
"Yea, it has been a long time.  But I brought my sister."
The girl looks startled for only a second as she looks me up and down.  She looks to be about my age, though she's a few inches shorter. 
"That makes the group complete, then", she says, nodding.  I can tell her mind is whirling furiously, though her face is calm.  "Well, you'd better come one in".
She turns and walks back into the house.  Brian follows her, with me only a few steps behind him, though more cautiously.  
The inside of the house is definitely as old as it looks on the outside, but it's clean and neat.  We're standing in a foyer area, the floor is hardwood, and the wooden boards look ancient, but at the same time they gleam and you can tell they've been scrubbed often.  The walls are covered in a pale green wallpaper printed with roses.  I can't see much of the rest of the house, just a little peek into a kitchen and what looks like some kind of studio.  There's a long flight of stairs in front of us, and I can see the hallway they lead up to.  
"So, Brian, this is Hillary?" the girl says.
"Yep.  Hillary, this is Sara.  Sara, where's Alex?"
"Upstairs.  Chad, Lily, and Bella went out last night.  Susan is at home today and tomorrow, she hasn't had any more luck getting away."
"Tell her to just leave.  That's what Hillary and I did."
"That's what I've told her.  But remember, she's got her sister to bring along, and Melany's only seven.  I'm not sure how that's gonna work out."
Sara's brow furrows for a minute, but then she continues.
"Anyway, Bret, Aidan, Josh, Deborah, Jo, and Zill are here.  And Alex and I."
Brian nods, as if this all makes perfect sense.  I remain confused and worried.  Brian seems comfortable and familiar with all of this, but I don't like to think he's been here by himself before.  And who are all these people?  Susan, Chad, Jo, and all the rest?
"So, um- Brian?  What are we doing here?" I ask timidly.
Sara gives Brian a meaningful look.
"I'll explain", she says.
"Okay, Hillary, you and Brian will be here a while. So will the rest of us.  Some of us have already been here for a few months.  Alex will explain the majority of it.  But all those problems that have been going on at your house?  They're going on at a few other houses too.  And it doesn't have anything to do with the house itself, but the people residing in the house.  You and Brian, for instance, are why the problems are near your house.  And we know how to stop it, but we have to all work together as a team.  We're leaving in a few weeks.  Now, let's go find Alex.  She'll explain more at dinner."
I try to process this all in my mind.
"So- wait.  Since Brian and I left our house, the problems won't be there anymore?"
"No.  Not until they figure out- well, Alex will explain later."
"But won't the problems come here?"
"No.  It's part of the- Oh, just wait till dinner.  For now, we are all a team, and you are a part of it.  And this is your temporary home."
I nod.  "Alright."
 I can deal with this, I tell myself.  I will deal with it.
Sara leads us up the stairs.  She stops at the top.
"Leave your bags and stuff here.  We can come back and get it later."
I drop my backpack onto the floor.  I hadn't realized until now how heavy it was.
We follow her into the door closest to our right.  When she opens it, I see a room decorated completely in blue.  Entirely.  I forget how to breath, its's blue.  Not just the walls, the carpet, and the furniture…the air even seems…blue-ish.  It was scary for a moment, but then I blink, and start breathing again.  And though the atmosphere is still blue, it seems less harsh now.  Calming, even.
There's a woman sitting at desk in the far corner.
"Alex", Sara says, "Brian is here.  For good.  He brought his sister."
The lady turns to us with a smile.
"Hillary.  I'm Alex.  How nice to finally meet you."
"Er-um, you, too," I stammer, surprised at her warmness.
Alex's eyes are a twinkling light blue.  Her hair is shoulder length, curly, and black.  She's about a foot taller than me, and looks to be in her late 20s or early 30s.
She turns to Sara.
"Sara, have they been checked in?"
"Not yet."
"Alright.  Check them in, then hand them off to Jo.  After that I'll need your help in here.  Jo's in the studio."
Sara nods, and motions us to come back into the hallway.
"This way."  She starts walking to the other end of the hallway.  
Inside the very last door is a small, very very small room.  All that it holds is a desk with paper, pens, and a lap top sitting on it.  
Sara grabs two sheets of paper, which I now see look like forms.  
She looks at me.
"Full Name?"
"Hillary Jennifer Alecens."
She looks at me with interest.
"How do you pronounce your last name?"
"A-le-sins," I say slowly.
She nods, and scribbles on her paper.
"Birth Date?"
"November 2nd."
On and on she goes, asking questions.  Then, once she has completed the form, she opens up the lap top.  She types a few characters, and then holds up the form in front of the screen.  
After a few seconds, she sets my form down and turns to Brian.
"Full name?"
I tune out, not wanting to hear all of the same questions over again.
After about ten minutes, they're done.
"Alrighty then," Sara says, setting Brian's form on the desk, "Let's go find Jo."
We head downstairs.  She opens the door to the studio.
A girl is kneeling on the ground, surrounded by papers upon papers.  
There is a lot of paper.
She has long, curly dark hair.  She is scribbling furiously with a blue pencil, on the only paper that doesn't already have writing or drawing on it.

Her drawings are all of houses, or buildings of some sort.  They are very well done, and look really realistic.  I see a large mansion, a castle, and a small cottage, as well as what looks like a hotel.  The girl is humming softly to herself as she works.
"Jo," Sara says.
The girl continues to hum.
"Jo," says Sara, just a little louder.
The girl's head snaps up, and I see that her eyes are a beautiful shade of green.  Not the usual green eyes that you see on people, but a deep, dark, shining emerald green.  Her eyes are beautiful.
She smiles at us, and her smile is warm, cheery, and playful.  Her nose turns up just slightly, and her face is freckled.
"Oh- Hi Sara!  Hi Brian!  Oh!  And is this Hillary?"
She stands up, carful not to step on her drawings, and hugs me enthusiastically.
"I hug her back a little awkwardly, not sure why we're hugging.  She hugs Brian and Sara, too, who bears it with a "I'm used to to it" grin.
"So, what do you need?"
"They've just been checked in, so now you need to do your thing".
"Oh, okay, great!"  Jo smiles enthusiastically.
"And, Jo, please, no lip gloss," Sara says with a grimace.
"Please?" Jo asks in a wheedling tone.
"No.  We're not a beauty salon."
"Fine," says Jo, sticking her tongue out at Sara playfully.
"Alright, go on up," orders Sara.  "I'll tell Deborah to come down for her shift."
"Tell her to remember to change," advises Jo," She forgot last time and almost opened the door in her uniform."
Sara and Hillary laugh, and so does Brian, but I'm not sure what we're laughing about.
"Alright, follow me," says Jo.

Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed it!
Sorry it's a little late ;)
I am really having fun with this, I like how it's coming along :)

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