Chapter 4: Uniforms

                                                                          Chapter 4: Uniforms
As I follow Jo and my brother up the stairs, my mind is working like mad.  So, all the problems, the strange happenings, they all have somthing to do with this?  The windows just randomly breaking, the strange and threatening presences, it's all because Brian and I were in the house?  
"In here," Jo announces, startling me.  She leads us into a room painted purple.  The walls are a light lavender, and the curtains are royal purple.  There's a vanity table, and a small stool with a plum-colored cushion.  The carpet is a completely different shade of purple- I'm not even sure what to call it.  Something between periwinkle and lavender.
"Hillary," Jo says to me, "you sit on that stool and brush that hair out.  I'll take Brian and show him where to get some clothes."  She gestures to some brushes and combs lying on the table.  
"Alright," I nod.
She ushers Brian out and down the hall.  
As I sit there and brush out my hair, I realize something.  This house looks really small from the outside.  I mean, it looks tiny.  But now that I'm inside it, I realize it's really quite big.  I've been in three or four rooms so far, and there are many doors I haven't been through yet.  I'm pondering this when Jo comes back, all smiles, of course.  She gives be an especially large grin and says cheerily, "So!  Have you got that beautiful hair all brushed out?  I'd love to have hair like that, you know, all shiny reddish-gold-ish chestnut-ish."  She says this all in one breath.
"Oh-er, thanks," I say awkwardly.  "I like your hair, too."
"Okay, so here's what I do: First, we get your hair brushed,  your face washed, and paint your nails.  Just something simple, like a pale pink, a bubblegum pink, a rose pink, lavender pink, maybe french rose, or ultra pink.  Or, "she squeals excitedly, " we could do hollywood cerise!  I love that one!  Oh, it would look so pretty on you, with your hair and those pretty brown eyes and everything!  Of course, you could go bold and blue if you'd like, I have cornflower blue, bondi blue, egyptian blue-"
"Those are all colors?"  I blurt out, stunned.  
She looks at me pityingly and sighs.  "Of course!  I see that I'll have to work on you.  Sara's been here two months, and she still thinks that the only 'official' colors are blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, black, brown, white, grey, and pink.  Not even any indigo!" she adds indignantly.  
I just nod at her, not sure what to say.
"Well, anyway, let me finish that hair."
She takes the brush and gently smooths out the tangles in my hair.  
"Alright, now you can go to the bathroom and wash your face, it's the next door down, you can't miss it.  Use a blue washcloth."
"Oh-er, okay," I stammer as I walk towards the hallway.
When I come back from the bathroom, Jo is rummaging through a closet.  I didn't notice it there before, it blends in wonderfully with the room because it's painted a shade of purple- probably parrot purple or something like that.  
"Oh, there you are!  Yay!" she throws a jean jacket onto the bed.
"Okay, so we don't really have a uniform, we just call it that.  It's really more of a- dressing code, you might say.  Same color scheme, same styles, stuff like that.  Only the messengers have boring, regular old uniforms, because they have to be official.  Gosh, glad I'm not a messenger." She shudders for a moment at this thought, then goes on.  "Anyways, the colors we wear are maroon and persian blue.  Anything else is black or white.  You know, light and darkness and all that.  Actually you probably don't know.  So yes.  Let's see what we have."  She rummages in the closet again and comes out with an armful of clothes.  "Okay, so here are two fitted tees, one blue and one maroon.  And you'd better have a black and white striped one, too.  And here are two pairs of jeans, one black and one denim.  And take these leggings to wear with this skirt.  Ah, blue leggings with a white skirt, I like that."  She smiles happily for a moment.  "And you'll need two jackets…hmmm-take a black one and this maroon one.  And shoes!  Take these sneakers-" she shoves a pair of blue sneakers at me," -and these boots."
The boots, I have to admit, are cool.  They come up almost to my knee, and are laced up.  They're black leather with maroon laces.
"Oh, I like these," I say.  She looks especially happy after I've said this.
"Good, I thought you would.  Oh, let me get you some socks."  She throws me four pairs of socks, one maroon, one blue, and two black.  "There!  Now, go into that door right there, the amethyst one, and there's a fitting room.  Take all these clothes and put together an outfit!  Oh this is going to look great, I can tell!"  She shoves me, clothes and all, into another purple door.
The dressing room is pink.  I should have known.  Her closet it probably magenta or something.  
I look at my choices, and end up putting on a pair of black jeans, a blue tee, a maroon jacket, and the boots.  When I come back out holding the rest of the clothes, Jo squeals. 
"Ooooh!  I absolutely love it!  You have great taste!  Now, you'll be lodging in the green room with Zilla and Deborah.  Go on in, and don't disturb Zilla, because she's probably doing her 'relaxing mode' or something.  Oh, and I'll bring you some more casual clothes later."  She winks at me and hurries me out the door.  I look for a green door.  When I find one, I cautiously push it open.
It's green, naturally, although thankfully the decorator kept it only to about three shades of green.  There are three twin beds, with green blankets and pillows.  There are two windows with green curtains, and a green dresser.  I see a green door which I am guessing leads into a green closet.
A girl is sitting on the bed nearest the closet.  She's sitting criss-cross-applesauce, wearing a blue hoodie and maroon leggings.  Her hair is caramel colored and wavy, and it's in a bun.  Her eyes are closed and she has earbuds in her ears, an iPod in her hands.  And, on her shoulder, is a little bird.
When I come in, the girl, who I guess is Zilla, opens her blue-grey eyes.  
"Oh, hi.  Are you Hillary?  The bed next to the window is yours.  This," she says, gesturing to the bird on her shoulder, "is Maple."  I study the bird more carefully.  She's tiny, with brown feathers, except for her wings, which have beautiful blue and pink feathers.  I've never seen a bird like her before.
"What kind of bird is she?" I ask.
"A cross between a singing sharpie and a winged warbler.  See, her beak is sharp, like a sharpie's, and she didn't get the really long wings like the winged warblers, but she sings beautifully, being both a warbler and a singer.  It's her birthday," she adds.  She then closes her eyes.  "You can get a book out of the top drawer of the dresser and read.  Dinner is in an hour"
But she doesn't answer, and I'm guessing she's in her 'relaxing mode' again.
I go to the dresser and open the top drawer.  The books have fairly regular titles- Little Women, The Wind in The Door, Swiss Family Robinson- except for a couple, titled "Guide to Singing Sharpies and Singing Shellies"   and "How to tell your Friendly Feathers from your Fanciful Freindlys".   I decide to leave these two alone, and pick up "The Swiss Family Robinson".
I then go to the bed Zilla said was mine, and start to read.

Thanks for reading!  Hope you enjoyed it! :D 
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