Fun at the Pool / Awesome Blogs

Hey Everyone!
 On Friday our homeschool group had a pool par-tay!  It was really awesome, we had a fun time swimming and hanging out :)
So, here are some pics! :)
Celia, Me, Hannah, and Joy <3

Mia :)

Elly <3 

Elly and Layne ;)

Layne and Mia <3

Joy's beautiful face and eyelashes ;) :D lol 

The beautiful Hannah <3

Celia, Me, and Hannah.

Celia, Joy, and I.

<3 We took a lot of these ;)

Joy and Celia

Joy and Hannah

Me and Joy

Hannah and Celia

Me and Hannah

Me and Celia

Elly xD  (underwater ;) 



Mia, Elly, and Layne.

Mia :)

I love this picture of Elly :)

The boys.

My little sis, Lauren :) <3

There were a bunch of monsters…er, *cough cough*, BROTHERS, here, but right before I took the pic they all pushed each other under the water and created a giant splash ^-^ 

More of the boys.  They were all playing in the water really rough, it's a miracle they all survived ;) lol

My little sis, Megan, swimming :)


My bro, Luke xD

Mia ;) 



someone under the water...

Joy <3

^ I really like this picture :) ^

We were trying to take this really fast so it's not the best ;) lol
So yea, I am really happy with how most of these pics turned out :)  Which was your favorite?
Hannah, Mia, Celia, Elly, Layne, Joy and I have all started a blog together! :D 
It's called 7 Shooting Stars :)  We hope to do some really fun stuff on there, on the sidebar for that blog you can see pics that say our names, click those to go to our personal pages on that blog :)

And there are a lot more really cool pics over there by the Amazing Joy! :D
She took awesome photos of our fun time, seriously.  And she posted some on her other blog, Another Enchanted Land, which she just started up not long ago and is REALLY awesome and wonderful and cool and creative and inspiring and brilliant and magnificent! :D  And EPIC! :)  
My friend Hannah has started and AWESOME and AMAZING and epic and wonderful and cool and inspiring and creative and lovely blog, A Southern Girl's Life
So yes, check out 7 Shooting Stars and Another Enchanted Land and A Southern Girl's Life ;)

^ I made this header for 7 Shooting Stars and the buttons for Joy and Hannah's blogs, and I must say I'm kinda proud ;)  I can make you a button or header, too!  Just visit my page, Teacups and Glitter, or my Teacups and Glitter Portfolio ;) ^

So please do go and follow the blogs and grab the buttons and all that good stuff ;)  

Thanks for viewing! :) :) :) 

-Anna <3 <3 <3 


  1. I look like I have chubby cheeks on that one photo that says, "Joy's beautiful face and eyelashes ;) :D lol " LOL!
    Anyways, thanks for the compliments! I like your photo's too! :)

  2. You all look like you had so much fun! I love the pictures by the way! my fav is probably of your little sister Lauren. She's adorable!

  3. Awesome pics. You are all so pretty.