Introducing the Characters...

Hey Everyone!
So,  this summer have been and am going to be and am (you get it…) a part of Celia's Crazy Crazy Crazy Summer Writing Challenge.  So far I have done four chapters, and I am really getting into my story!  Like seriously, I think this will be the first novel I've ever finished.
I just woke up with the idea, and I was like, "Whoa!  Yay!  An actually good story idea!" :D
So yes.
Anyway, in my 3rd Chapter I mentioned the names and introduced some of the main characters.
The main main character is Hillary, but the others (especially Jo and Alex, as you'll find out…) are kind of the second-main characters ;)
So I thought I'd kinda introduce them, and show the photos the inspired me as far as their appearance :)
                                                      (All photos via Pinterest ;)

Zilla is 19 years old.  
She has caramel colored hair and grey-blue eyes.
She is calm and laid back, very kind and understanding, but at times she can seem a little stand offish because she is so often in her "relaxing mode", where she just relaxes and kind of shuts everything out.
She loves birds.  She can practically talk to them.  She has a pet bird named Maple.
Zilla is engaged to Chad (see below).
Zilla has to be my favorite character so far :) <3 
Chad is 20 years old.
^The guy in the pic looks a little younger but whatever ;) ^
He has dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.
He is considerate, a little outgoing, athletic, and smart.
He's been at the house longer than any of them, and his parents are dead because of the thing you guys don't know about yet. ;) Mwa ha ha ha…
So his background is kind of tragic, but he doesn't dwell on it.
He loves birds, maybe not as much as Zilla, but he still loves them.
He, as you read above, is engaged to Zilla :)
The first time you meet Alex in my story, she seems older than she really is. 
In reality, she is 25 years old, but she's been through a lot, and so sometimes seems a lot older and wiser than she should be.
She is kind of the leader at the house, knowing the most about the "problems" and such (no spoilers here! ;)
She has black hair and sparkling blue eyes.
She is very quiet, but also really friendly and courageous.
Susan has dark blonde hair and brown eyes.
She is 16 years old, and when the story starts, she is trying to find a way to get away from the "problems", as Hillary and Brian did.  This is difficult for her because she has a 7 year old sister.
She is very cautious.  She has to warm up to people before feeling comfortable with them, and sometimes would much rather be alone or with her sister than with people her own age.
But, despite being very shy and careful, she is strong and definitely not faint-hearted.
Melany is Susan's 7 year old sister.
She is the youngest involved with the "problems", but she has a very big part in the story as you'll see later… ;)
She has a sweet and fun-loving personality, and is surprisingly mature, as 7 year olds go.
One key thing about her is her pet fox, who hasn't been introduced yet.
Jo is 15.  She has dark, very dark brown hair and beautiful emerald eyes.
She is fun and girly.  She loves fashion, design, and anything that has to do with hair, make-up, or nail polish.  And she LOVES color, as you can see from the 3rd Chapter ;)
Though at a first look she might seem care free (maybe even a little careless) and sissy, she toughens right up when she needs to and becomes smart as a fox.  
She loves adventures, from trying new foods to jumping into the ocean from a hundred foot cliff (oh oh oh ALMOST spoiled it… ;).
She has a really big part later in the story.

So that's it for now.  I don't have all the "bios" for the other characters.
And Hillary!  I can't find a good picture to describe Hillary!  
She has reddish blonde hair and green-grey eyes.
If you happen to see a pic that looks like her anywhere, please comment the link or something :)
Thanks for viewing! ;)
-Anna <3 


  1. Coolio! :D I want to find some cool pics for my story, too! :)

    1. Btw, I found some photos on pinterest that look like what you want Hillary to look like! ;) Look at my Writing board! Tis okay if you don't want them! I'll probably use one of them. :D

  2. I love the descriptions. I think Alex is my favourite!

  3. It sounds like such a good story! I've been off the bloggy world for a while, so i haven't read it {if you've posted it already}. But I'd love to!

  4. This sounds really interesting!! I will definitely read your chapters! I think Susan is my favourite character! :) Except for appearance and problems, she's a lot like me, actually.


  5. for Hillary, this URL?
    just thinking, I don't know xx