Hey Everyone!
Wow.  I can't believe it's June already!!!   AAAHHH!!!!!   YAY!!!! :D :D :D
Good news going into June:
~ My Birthday is in a week!
~ My Birthday Par-tay is TONIGHT!  GAAAH! :D :D :D
~ I have 23 followers!!! :D
~  I just did my 200th post! :) :) :)
~ I get to bake cupcakes and make 3 kinds of frosting today ;)
Bade News going into June:
~ I got stung by a bee :(  I was walking through the clover, and I was wearing flip-flops, and, you know, they flip and flop, so somehow or another the bee got under my foot on my shoe, and apparently didn't like being stepped on.  So he stung me.  Or she.
That's not really bad news.  It happened Monday and didn't really hurt.  ^ Bad Random News ^ ;)
SO yea.  I can't wait for my Party tonight!  CeliaHannahJoyElly, Layne and I are probably all going  to have fun and also stay up really. REALLY late. ;)
I can't wait!!! :) :) :)
SO yes.  June.  Already.  Wow.  Wow.
And 23 followers and 201 posts!!! :D  YAY! :)

Here is a list of some things I am going to be doing this summer, some are blogging things and some are a few of the other things I'll be doing ;)

Yep, I'm going to do a summer photography contest soon, probably in the next few weeks but I'm waiting a little bit cuz I just did my writing contest ;)
And I am writing a story for the Crazy Crazy Crazy Writing Challenge,
and swimming in the pool with friends,
and taking/posting lots of fun summer pics,
and Volunteering at Runner's camp,
and having a birthday,
and Reading LOTS OF BOOKS!
I have already read some of the books on my Reading List, and a few that weren't on there ;)
Right now I am reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.  It is so good! :) <3
Thanks for viewing!
-Anna <3 


  1. Fun, fun, fun!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! <3

  2. Fun! I tagged you in the Warm Hugs Tag, so go to my blog to read my questions and the rules and such :)