Warm Hugs Tag

Hey Everyone!
Today I am doing the Warm Hugs tag because I was tagged by the beautiful Bethan :)
Thanks so much Bethan! <3

Okay, here are the rules:
1. Follow the blog(s) that tagged you (optional).
2. Post 2 or more pictures that include your favourite characters, books, movies or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures).
3. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them.
4. Answer the 10 questions the blogger that nominated you has written, related to books, characters etc.
5. Create your own questions having to do with the same thing.

Oh goodness me.  Okay.  Um…let's see…gosh…got to figure out how to do my favorites in pictures without posting hundreds…

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter <3

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter <3 

Amy Pond from Doctor Who <3

Hunger Games and Harry Potter <3 

Frozen <3 

Okay, and now for Bethan's questions:

1. Favourite Disney quote?

Oh….Um… Let me think… probably the whole sleigh ride scene from Frozen…if that's a quote ;) xD 
2. Favourite fictional characters?
Amy Pond, Anna from Frozen, Ginny Weasley.
^I just realized those are all red heads :D ironic, lol ;) ^
3. If you could party with one fictional character, who would you want to party with?
Mmmm… Probably Luna Lovegood ;)
4. Favourite Disney princess movie?
Frozen or Beauty and the Beast.
5. Would you rather spend a day with your favourite fictional character in their world or have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books for the rest of your life? (hehe evil >:) )
Um…probably live with my favorite fictional chaacter. That's hard tho! :)
6. Have you ever been to Disney Land? If you have, how many times?
None ;)
7. What song describes you the most?
No idea…
8. Which character death made you the most sad?
Nymphodora Tonks or Albus Dumbledore :'(
9. Which fictional character can you relate to the most?
Betsy Ray from the Betsy-Tacy series or Luna Lovegood.
10. What is your favourite message in a Disney movie and why?
Hmmmmmm.  Well, Frozen had a really good "love thaws all" and "sisters forever" message.   I also think The Lion King had a lot of good things in it :)

That was fun :)
Thanks again to the beautiful Bethan! :) <3 

And here are my questions…

1. Who is your favorite Disney Prince?

2.  What Disney couple would you change if you could change any one?

3.  Which fictional world would you most like to visit?

4.  Who is your fictional "role model"?

5. Do you prefer movies about animals or people?

6. Would you rather burn all of the books in the world or make it so no one will ever write a book again? (mwah ha ha ha! >:)  )

7. Reading books or listening to audio books?

8.  Which Disney movie has touched you the most?  

9. Which Disney movie has made you cry?

10.  If you could re-do any of the Disney movies, which would it be?

And I tag…

*insterts awesome music*…

Hope you enjoyed this post, Thanks for viewing! :) :) :) 
-Anna <3 

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  1. I love this post, Anna! Thank you for doing the Warm Hugs Tag!:) Just followed your blog!
    In Christ,